Aug 29

Dream sparks Memory of Coming to Australia

students_on_floorI don’t have many dreams that I remember, but had this memorable one in August, 2015.

In the dream, I was in some sort of classroom, as an adult, like maybe at University. Many students were there, sitting on the carpeted floor, with jackets, books and notepads strewn around them.

Somehow I had lost my notes and pen, was very distraught and was panicking.

After searching everywhere, I went to the leaders to help me find my notes, but they were disinterested, hard hearted and did nothing to help me.

Aug 27

Tree of Life Presents an Amazing Project – the Mulli Childrens’ Family in Kenya Africa

From time to time, we present great Website or Blog we have found. It’s hard to find good news in the world todayMully icon photo but we want to show you an amazing project happening in Kenya, Africa! Let’s start with some YouTube background on the Mulli Children’s Family in ‘Father to the Fatherless’.

Crossroads Missions has partnered with Mulli Children’s family for eleven years, and now many of you are part of a great God story. Charles Mulli is a former Kenyan street kid turned millionaire, who gave everything away in 1989, and shocked his wealthy family by bringing 3 street kids into their home. Since then, they have rescued over 7000 children and currently offer support to over 2000 more. Children who once were without hope, are excelling in academics, sports and arts and becoming productive leaders in their communities.

Aug 09

1/2 Growing your Faith continues with Learning to hear from God

We began this series with the question of: Does our Creator God talk to us today … and our conclusion Danielwas… ?  Despite some religious doctrines that say He stopped speaking somewhere in history, maybe around AD53 when the last Apostles died, we believe He can and certainly wants to!

We have even had a special Guest post that looked at John 16:12-15.  We saw that Jesus Said He would send the Holy Spirit to ‘TELL them’, “point the way”, “announcing future events in detail “and “ANNOUNCE in detail”.  Jesus Himself received all that He had from the Father, who gave Him everything.  Then the Holy Spirit would take from that storehouse and declare it to us today.  This whole passage is in ‘present tense’ meaning the Holy Spirit is saying this to us today.

Aug 07

Tree of Life Presents Series 1: Hearing from God

Hearing God - shellIn entering the field of Spiritual Mentoring, we run across many church doctrines, historical teachings and some outright dangerous beliefs.  Recently a dear person came with a book from her pastor.  The basic premise was that

“God doesn’t talk to us personally anymore as He has given us the Bible.  All His words are to found here and no other revelation or interpretation is to be used.  He has written everything He needed to say in the Bible.”

Well, I am not sure which group this book belong in but it was certainly stunting this person’s walk in knowing the Living Jesus.

Jul 30

1/1 Talking with Jesus Today!

 Today I would like to encourage you to pursue an intimate relationship with God.

Daniel 1We have been in ministry for over 25 years in Christian counselling and teaching and can forcefully proclaim that the biggest impediment to successful living is not having a two-way relationship with Jesus.  You have the right to hear your Heavenly Father’s voice on a daily basis!